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Tyler J. Weed, ND

Naturopathic Doctor


About Tyler J. Weed, ND

Born and raised in Maine, Dr. Tyler had the gift of exploring the coasts of southern Maine and the big woods of “The County,” to the north. With this came an appreciation for being physically active outdoors along with the power of curiosity to lead to new places, ideas and eventually further exploration.

The son of an Osteopathic physician, he was intrigued by working in medicine from an early age, but with the understanding that the traditional route was not for him. Though he had plans of one day applying to medical school, it was his curiosity that led to the belief that a true medical education happened both inside and outside of the classroom so as to truly understand how we interact with our natural environment.

As such, he supplemented his formal undergraduate education in medical economics and biology by working as a physical therapy aide during the school year and spending summers commercial fishing in Alaska,. After graduation, he went on to work as a chef apprentice and with local food producers to get more hands-on experience with sustainable food economics and nutrition. What became clear from these experiences was the interconnectedness of what it is to feel well and the idea that human health is promoted by HOW we live. It was this understanding that brought him to Naturopathic medicine.

After graduating from the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) and following post-graduate work in Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the University of Western States, he returned home to Maine to complete his post-graduate clinical training as a Naturopathic Resident Doctor at Camden Whole Health under Dr. Deb Moskowitz. Since finishing residency he continues to practice at CWH and is also seeing patients part time in Northern Aroostook county 1-2 days per month with the goal of improving access to whole person, integrative and patient centered care to underserved areas in Maine. Practice offerings and approaches include:

  • Utilization of lifestyle approaches to optimize foundational health and any medical interventions that may be required.
  • Multi-Modal Care through use of herbal medicine, supplemental nutraceuticals, hydrotherapy, food as medicine, physical/movement medicine, ND manipulation and craniosacral therapy and pharmaceutical medications.
  • Targeted laboratory evaluation when indicated, inclusive of genetic testing, followed by in- depth discussion of lab results and what they mean
  • Specialized training in: preventative medicine, gastroenterology, food allergies and intolerances, cardiovascular/metabolic health, environmental medicine, tick-borne illness, hormone health and physical medicine. Treating all ages.
  • A cultivated environment where the patient feels truly heard and empowered to be active in their care and to understand the WHY of their treatment.

Dr. Tyler offers free 15 minute consultations prior to establishing care. To schedule please contact the front desk at Camden Whole Health 207-230-1131.
Camden Whole Health front desk- 207-230-1131

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