Deborah Cautela

Phenomenal TouchTM Master Practitioner
5RhythmsTM Movement Therapist


About Deborah Cautela

Phenomenal TouchTM Master Practitioner
5RhythmsTM Movement Therapist

In the creation of sharing a better world, I bring my creative gifts to respond to complexities and turbulences of our times. I want to live in a culture that focuses on regenerative and creative growth of life on our planet coming from peace and Love for ourselves and our planet. Deborah Cautela is the founder of Massage & Movement in Camden, Maine. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from the School of Science from University of Southern Maine. She is a Certified Phenomenal TouchTM Master Practitioner from the Institute of Phenomenal Touch in Colorado and 5RhythmsTM Movement Therapist from the Institute of Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP) in Switzerland.

Deborah began her career as a licensed Social Worker in Child Welfare. In that role she was a child protective social worker helping families to build resilience, capacity, and joy.

Deborah became fascinated with the body, how it felt, how to tolerate and to move in life with all that is felt. She had been dancing for 30 years and then she received a Phenomenal TouchTM Massage. There was a vitality, a life force a quickening that was translated through her into action to train in this modality.

Phenomenal TouchTM is a form of massage that opens the whole body. By being fully present with a client. Deborah allows deep listening to what the body is asking. She notices the ways it responds to her touch. She strives to reverently hold compassion for the human experience without judgement or shame. She strives to understand that each client may hurt in ways that are unique to them, allowing each individual their own speed and depth of healing.

5RhythmsTM Movement Therapy is a dance based therapy that is valuable to individuals and groups. It involves sensitization to motor impulses in the body. Sensitization to moving inner experience and spatial awareness of moving in relationship.

Deborah’s journey to establish her Masssage Therapy and Movement practices was supported by her husband, amazing two children, two beautiful grandchildren and awesome community!

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Memberships include American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), and Destination Wellness

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