Danielle Jacoby — L.M.T.

Massage Therapy


About Danielle Jacoby — L.M.T.

Danielle is a highly trained, experienced, and gifted massage therapist. She has received acclaim at two award-winning spas in New England, both for her dedication to her clients, as well as her ability to provide holistic pain management through bodywork.

Danielle’s interest in holistic health began in her twenties as she searched for ways to provide support for her grandmother suffering from fibromyalgia. She quickly learned that a healing and compassionate touch provided incredible relief. As her grandmother progressed through her illness, Danielle was able to attend the prestigious Bancroft School of Massage Therapy. This schooling provided her with the extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology needed to excel in the field of bodywork.

Danielle believes that each client has the power within to heal. Her greatest pleasure is unlocking the unique ability of an individual to carry healing long past her sessions. She offers her clients the quiet space to release the stresses of their often busy and hectic schedules. She does this through being quietly present, listening compassionately and tailoring each massage to their specific needs. She absolutely loves her work.

Danielle loves living in Midcoast Maine with her fiance and spunky cat, Lena. In her free time she travels, volunteers in her community, and acts as a support for families with children with special needs.

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