Our Practitioners

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Alicia Snow, APRN-FNP

What started as a childhood interest in healing grew into a collegiate minor in alternative health studies…


Amy Carpenter — L.C.S.W., C.Y.I.

Amy cut her counseling teeth in community-based practice, working in the inner-cities…

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Anna Aurora, LCPC-c

I am a deep believer in the organic unfolding of our growth and purpose


Antje Roitzsch — L.M.T.

In her early thirties Antje Roitzsch experienced back spasms. What was the…

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Ashley Elvera Elliott MSOM LAc

Ashley Elvera Elliott is a Nationally Accredited Acupuncturist. Coming from the coast of Maine…


Carol Graff – LCSW

Carol has been practicing psychotherapy for over 20 years, helping people achieve changes important to them.…


Danielle Jacoby — L.M.T.

Danielle is a highly trained, experienced, and gifted massage therapist. She has received…


Deborah Cautela

Phenomenal TouchTM Master Practitioner
5RhythmsTM Movement Therapist


Deb Moskowitz — N.D.

Dr. Deb spent her childhood solving mysteries, from figuring out the secret…


Ellen Eckerd — P.T.

Ellen has an eclectic approach to Physical Therapy. She combines traditional with alternative techniques…

Jenny Roberts, LCPC-c

Jenny Roberts — NCC, LCPC, CRMT
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
Certified Reiki Master Teacher

Jenny’s journey in mental health began thirty years ago while teaching Spanish in Colorado…

Julianna Pfeiffer

Julianna Pfeiffer, LCPC

I draw on training in expressive arts, movement and meditation practice, as well as relationship, couple and family constellation…

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Jessica Kent — L.M.T.

Jessica Kent is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor and Owner of Embody Massage & Yoga…

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Melanie Herring — LE

I believe skin is the doorway into the intersection between our nervous system, our physiological system and our soul.

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Nancy Lubin — C.P.P.C., C.Z.T., C.A.

Nancy brings a roaming mind and a willing heart to explorations that…

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Rachel Felson

Rachel’s unique skill to fuse an analytical style with deeply intuitive understanding demonstrates her fascination with the biopsychosocial model.…


Ramona Larsen – Yoga

I have been practicing yoga since I was 20 years old…


Denyse Robinson — C.Y.T.

Having completed her initial Yoga teacher training at Atmanada Ayurvedic Center in New York City…

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Tyler Weed, N.D.

The son of an Osteopathic physician, he was intrigued by working in medicine from an early age

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