Amy Carpenter — L.C.S.W., C.Y.I.

Psychotherapy, Yoga


About Amy Carpenter — L.C.S.W., C.Y.I.

Amy began her career in child welfare, where she worked in the fields of foster care and adoption. During her graduate tenure at Boston University, she was awarded a child welfare practitioners’ stipend that allowed her to receive specialized training in family systems. That training has informed her counseling practice and her role as a sexual safety educator for teens, ever since.

Amy is a certified yoga instructor, a writer, youth advocate and relationship coach. She’s the author of the bestselling book series, Be Strong, Be Wise (BSBW) and the Be Strong, Be Wise Sexual Safety Education program. BSBW courses are currently being integrated into the Health curriculum at the middle school and high school level, with significant positive results.

Counseling Philosophy:

I’m committed to supporting people as they cultivate a positive relationship with the self in order to have deeper, more satisfying connections in the world. When we shift stuck patterns and misperceptions left-over from earlier life stages, we create personal freedom. My methodology invites the search for a self that is aware of inner forces and living fully. In my twenty-five years of clinical practice I’ve sought ongoing trainings in these areas: Jungian analysis, transactional analysis, shamanic healing, trauma treatment, mindfulness practice and couples therapy.

Life Coaching Technique: 

Life Coaching works independent of, or in conjunction with psychotherapy. My method helps the individual name old “contracts” and roles that get in the way of their personal fulfillment. Compassionate awareness of the reasons why these contracts were put in place originally helps to move past them. Enhanced work life, relationships, and self-confidence are possible when we’re no longer held captive by negative thought forms.

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