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More than anything, I am a lifelong student of the soul and the human experience. In my early, formative years I collected books on psychology, philosophy, personal growth and read poets like Kahlil Gibran, searching for guidance on how to be a human.

In my 20’s I began studies of both yoga and meditation, searching to touch a place inside that feels indefinable, always in search of understanding myself at the most fundamental layer of being. Those studies led me to certifications in Yoga, Reiki and Integrative Coaching.

In my 30’s I was called to begin working with my hands. Through a series of serendipitous events I was introduced to an esthetician whose work focused on addressing skin holistically through herbs, diet and skin-supportive products. It was through this apprenticeship that I knew skincare would be my path and that I would approach skin very differently from mainstream esthetics. I knew I wanted to celebrate skin rather than fix it.

Once I began seeing clients regularly, I realized the facial space offered a channel for deep attunement to the physical, energetic and emotional worlds of my clients. My focus shifted quickly to a fully inclusive skin experience, addressing how our world, life experiences, traumas, joys, sadnesses live in our bodies and express themselves through the skin. After decades of healing myself, I realized I was ready to help others on their healing journeys. And skin would be the medium.

I believe skin is the doorway into the intersection between our nervous system, our physiological system and our soul. Their magnificent interplay manifests in how we carry ourselves, how we make choices in our lives, how we “face” the world. In my sessions I utilize the realms of breath, flow, energy, clearing and releasing, unwinding and unweaving these intricate complexities. Tapping into the beauty available in parasympathetic activation and deeply attentive, attuned facial massage using beautiful, skin-loving products connects us to a transformative power.

Though I do operate within the system through which I was trained, I do it very differently while employing a gentle, loving, deeply intuitive method to caring for skin. Will my work erase the aging process, you might ask. No, I will answer. Will it invite you to fall in love with the evolution of your being, both physical and soul? Yes, absolutely. This work helps unlock a free and radiant experience of self in the world through skin love. At their core, my facials are heart-centered care that I hope you will feel from the moment you step through my door.

A little bit about me: Leaving behind the hustle and bustle of NYC, I now call Rockport home where I live with my husband, our cat, Comet, and our dog, Vega. In my free time you will find me with feet in the water, nose in the flowers, ears pressed against the trees and eyes taking in all the beauty midcoast Maine has to offer and writing about it all. In addition to facials, I also work with flower essences and offer Akashic readings. For facials, I am licensed in both Maine and New York.

I can’t wait to welcome you into my treatment space, a place where skincare is truly soul deep.

Favorite Quotes: 

“Come as you are.” -Nirvana

“There must be those among whom we can sit down and weep and still be counted as warriors.”  -Adrienne Rich

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