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Camden Whole Health utilizes Mercy Diagnostics for routine labs drawn on premises. We love that Mercy Diagnostics started with a simple idea: to create a lab that centers itself on providing personalized service and support to medical providers while completely alleviating the current billing and insurance obstacles complicating our healthcare system. Incorporated in 2012, Mercy Diagnostics was formed by top professionals in the industry to oversee their clinical laboratories in order to guarantee accurate, high quality testing in a timely manner to healthcare providers. Instead of the large warehouse laboratory model that predominates the current healthcare market and requires samples to be shipped cross-country to a main laboratory to be tested, Mercy brings highly complex labs locally to their clients, including Camden Whole Health. By building more individual local laboratories that focus only on samples from a specific region, they can guarantee a higher level of individualized care, quicker turn around time, increased STAT testing ability, and practically eliminate the risk of lost or compromised samples due to longer transport.Their state of the art analyzers not only produce highly accurate, dependable results in rapid time, but also require significantly less blood than their competitors resulting in a friendlier patient sampling experience. Mercy’s testing catalog offers over 1300 individual tests. Mercy Diagnostics’ services are separate from your doctor’s services and are billed independently. Mercy accepts all insurances and will file a claim on your behalf. For patients without insurance, we have found Mercy’s pricing to be highly competitive, resulting in reduced cost for you, the patient.

In addition to routine labs submitted and billed through Mercy Diagnostics, the doctors at Camden Whole Health may used specialized send-out labs for tests Mercy does not perform. Some of the labs we utilize include: Genova Diagnostics, ZRT Laboratories, Rhein Labs, RealTime Labs, Doctor’s Data, DiagnosTechs, Boston Heart, Commonwealth Laboratories, Pharmasan Labs, US Biotek, GenoMind, Medical Diagnostic Laboratory, IGeneX and others. Some labs will bill insurance for you, while others require payment at time of sample submission.

Phlebotomy services are available Monday through Friday 8am – 3pm at Camden Whole Health through Mercy Diagnostics’ on-site phlebotomist, Gina. At this time lab services are limited to the patients of Camden Whole Health doctors and require a lab requisition completed and signed by the doctor at the time of service.

Gina lives in Waldoboro, Maine with her young daughter. She joined Mercy Diagnostics in 2016 and prior to that worked at Waldo General Hospital. When not drawing blood, Gina can be found studying to become a respiratory therapist.

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