About Paula Apro — EEM-CP, CSRT

Having recently gone through a major personal transformation – from severe stress taking its toll on her body to being in complete control over her personal reality and health – Paula’s transformation was so profound that she is being called to share what she learned to help transform the lives of others.

Understanding the body/mind connection is what finally freed Paula from her old stressed self. She learned just how important thoughts and emotions are and just how sensitive energy actually is. As energetic beings, we are so susceptible to manipulation, be it positive or negative. Anger and hostility can immediately drag us down, but on the flip side, love and gratitude can positively alter the cells in our body. One thing she knows for sure is that we have the power to heal ourselves and the connection between mind and body rules our health. Everything we need is right inside of us. The trick is learning how to tap into it!

Paula’s Reiki training served as an excellent foundation to learning the principles of Eden Energy Medicine. With these skills, along with practicing the Emotion Code™ she looks forward to helping you transform your life.

In addition to her Energy Medicine practice, Paula is currently the only person certified in the state of Maine to perform Crystal Sonic Rejuvenation™ facials. These energy facials use ancient Chinese Acupressure Techniques, Sound Healing, and Crystal Energy to rejuvenate and revitalize the face and whole body. Look and feel more youthful while enjoying a blissful hour of relaxation!

Services include:
Energy Assessing & Balancing
Food & Substance Tolerance Testing
Chakra Balancing • Crystal Sonic Rejuvenation™ Facials
Emotion Code™ Therapy • Reiki
Bio-Mat Therapy • Bio-well Health Reports