About Dr. Brian Lyttle, D.C.

Dr. Brian was fascinated with all things natural since his early teens. His neighbor got him into gardening and with that came an interest in food preparation and learning about all things organic. His good pal’s family made everything from scratch in the old country way.  And of course, if you grew food you had to learn how to cook it. This inspired Dr. Brian to begin his lifelong experimentation with food preparation and cooking, which then led naturally to a passion for nutrition.

Upon returning from a European backpacking trip, Dr. Brian had severe mid back and stomach pain.  A good friend recommended a chiropractor.  What an exciting first visit with a doctor who was so caring and palpable. The young Brian had immediate results – the stabbing back pain was gone after the first visit and the stomach pain subsided after two visits.

It was at this moment he knew that this was to be his career. To have found something so powerful, effective and natural – What an incredible fit!

Dr. Brian graduated in 1990 from Life Chiropractic University in Atlanta, Georgia. He is a devoted health coach and cheerleader for all things good for the body, using tools accumulated in over 30 years of practice, including chiropractic adjustments, muscle treatments, posture and exercise direction and nutritional counseling. Whether your injury or discomfort is new or chronic, Dr. Brian can help set you on the path to better health and wellness.

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