The office of Dr. Deb, Dr. Barb, Dr. Katy and the Camden Natural Pharmacy will be CLOSED 12/25/17-1/2/18. Normal business hours will resume on Tuesday 1/2/18. If you are coming to see another practitioner in the office, please plan accordingly and note that you will need to use the front door to reach front offices.

Patients of Dr. Deb, Dr. Katy, and Dr. Barb that are looking to buy supplements can do so when we return to the office or by using our online ordering options through and Information about how to do both is listed below.


Emerson Ecologics – Wellevate

Below are the links to Dr. Katy Morrison, Dr. Deb Moskowitz and Dr. Barbara MacDonald’s Wellevate accounts.

Wellevate is a website that allows patients to order supplements from our pharmacy online to be shipped directly to the address of their choosing. Because this cuts out the front desk staff, patients receive a discount. Wellevate offers free shipping on orders of over $49. All products that are ordered through Emerson in our pharmacy will be available on Wellevate. This does not include products that we order through other vendors such as Classical Pearls, Thorne or NeuroScience. If there is a product that you normally special order through us or would like us to check for on the website, we can add the supplement to our online pharmacy.

Links to these pharmacies can also be found on our website under each individual practitioner’s page.

When ordering, please order from the account that is consistent with the doctor who recommended the supplement to you for bookkeeping purposes.

When checking out, if there is a comments section available please write your name, the date, and whether you see Dr. Deb or Dr. Barb.

Dr. Barb’s Link:

Dr. Deb’s Link:

Dr. Katy’s Link:



To utilize the online ordering for Thorne products, go to and create a patient account. When registering, you will register with the unique code for Dr. Deb or Dr. Barb (provided below). The largest benefit of ordering from Thorne directly is that they will ship directly to your door with free shipping for orders over $30.00.


Patients of Dr. Barb use the code HCP1153416

Patients of Dr. Deb Moskowitz use the code HCP1015154

Patients of Dr. Katy Morrison use the code HCP1166622