Why I chose to own an Ampcoil device

For those of you who know me, you are likely aware that I am resistant to change, technophobe of the crew. I don’t even use electronic medical records, preferring paper and pen.

In September, I was invited to try a wellness device called an Ampcoil by a colleague from California. I happened to have a tremendous headache that day but had to attend a family dinner that night and would have preferred to go home to sleep. I figured, why not try it? Tammy Lee explained that it was a device that sends sound frequencies through a modified Tesla coil. “You have got to be kidding” is what I was thinking. But, there was that pounding headache!

I laid down on a massage table and she placed the coil on my chest and set it to Pain Release setting. It felt a bit heavy but I didn’t hear anything or feel anything. I fell asleep and awoke 15 minutes later and she moved it to above my head. I slept again and awoke 15 minutes later and was astounded that my headache, previously around an 8/10 severity was now a 3/10. I could not believe it. I figured it must have just been the nap! I enjoyed a wonderful dinner with my family and noticed that I felt animated and more alive, somehow.

I was curious but didn’t really think about it much until I realized several days later that I didn’t have any muscle aches or pains and I felt more clear-minded and like a better version of myself. I was inspired to write a few papers and did better work for my patients.

The subsequent nights, I was awaked by a strong feeling that I had to learn more. I read a lot and watched a few videos online. I was impressed by the owners’ devastating struggle with Lyme disease and how developing this device with a bunch of engineers helped them to find their wellness again after nothing else had worked.

We see hundreds of patients with Lyme here as well as many others with chronic illnesses, including my own family. I imagined patients with cancer finding energy after treatment and using it to help those detoxing from parasites, candida and chronic viral illnesses

After great deliberation about the expense and how strange it seemed to have device treat when I could do that as an acupuncturist, I listened to my inner guidance and bought one.

Since September, my family and I have logged hundreds of hours doing detoxification and cleansing with the Ampcoil. I’ll let my son and parents tell their own stories at our Ampcoil open house on June 29th from 12-4. As far as I’m concerned, I feel more productive, energetic, motivated and centered when I use this device. My Lyme antibody bands are 30% of what they were and the frequency of headache, muscle pain, brain fog and fatigue has been reduced by significantly. I know there are multiple factors to consider when one’s health improves, but for me, the experience with Ampcoil has been profound physical, mental and energetic levels. Even though I still can’t explain it – sound waves, frequencies, Tesla, etc… I know how I feel – awesome!

Deb and I own the Ampcoil together now and have used it with dozens of patients with Lyme, cancer, depression, fatigue and brain fog. I have seen patients get organized when they struggled with confusion, find energy when they were fatigued, depressed folks get happy for up to a week, my father’s peripheral neuropathy improved, my mother get a bit sharper and her cough is gone, people are sleeping better and are in less pain and for some, there has been nothing too profound at all and they have stopped using it. I’ve seen aggravations while cleansing for parasites, virus, yeast and Lyme that resolved within a day or so leaving folks feeling better than before.

It isn’t for everyone though, such as those with ferrous metal implants, seizures, in active cancer treatment, who are pregnant or nursing, or who just don’t feel moved to try it. But, if it speaks to you, like it did me, come give it a try. We want to see if it can help more people in our community, especially those suffering with chronic illness.

To learn more, you can receive a free demonstration at our Ampcoil Open House at Camden Whole Health on June 29th from 12-4 or you can schedule a demo with me or Dr. Deb ($50-$100 to start and subsequent sessions from $50-$60) by calling the clinic at 230-1131. To hold a spot during the open house, please call 230-1131.