The Five Element Garden

I’m a gardener. Early summer is the most exciting time of year for me. This is the time of year time when all of the gardening ideas gathered over the winter turn into action and enter the soil to be nourished by sun and rain to do what comes naturally—sprout, grow, flower and fruit. Eventually, all that grows in the garden this year will either become part of my family’s sustenance or composted for next year. It is an amazing cycle of birth, growth, harvest, death and rebirth that is around us in nature and at work in our lives and bodies. It is the cycle of the creation of life.

Five Element Acupuncture uses the understanding of the creation cycle and the philosophy that we are born into this life with an innate brilliance. Given the opportunity and proper support, we will develop into the fullest potential of ourselves. This happens just as an acorn has everything it needs to become a mighty oak, given the sun, soil and rain that it needs to flourish.

So, what about illness then? Where does that come from? According to Five Element Theory, illness arises when something occurs that interrupts that natural cycle of life that we are not able to overcome on our own. Five Element Acupuncture helps the body/mind to correct and balance the internal conditions. It’s just like adding the right amount of rain and compost in the garden. All of the symptoms and illness that we experience in life can be seen as some dysfunction, an obstruction, in these natural cycles. Depression, for example, is thought of as an inability of the upward energy of spring to rise and bring new ideas and creativity. Seeds are not sprouting properly. So the person feels down and stuck. On the other hand, too much upward-rising energy often results in irritability, muscle tension, hypertension and headaches.

Spring energy in us is governed by the Wood element, represented by the liver and gallbladder. The Five Element approach to dealing with this dysfunction is to help the liver and gallbladder better regulate Spring energy, giving you the right amount of upward energy to feel creative, flowing movement while holding the vision of the greatest possibility of yourself.

As a Five Element Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist, I am a still a gardener. I am tending to the proper conditions for my patients to live into the fullest possible manifestation of themselves.

Be well and enjoy the summer!