Susan Hamill — C.C.H.T.

Colon Hydrotherapy, Detoxification, Medicinal Foods

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About Susan Hamill — C.C.H.T.

Susan’s main work in this life has been with food and healing. She was raised by gourmet cooks, so food was a sensual experience at a very early age. Her gastronomic passion galvanized in college with her introduction to macrobiotics and the notion of food as purity and health. Later, when her husband was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, with her encouragement and cooking, he healed completely using macrobiotics and a positive attitude as his only tools. Then she began teaching, spending the next 20 years working with people with cancer and other degenerative diseases.

After 36 years of working with food—cooking privately, teaching over a thousand classes from California to Maine, catering, nutritional counseling, owning a small health-food store, and exploring many food-as-medicine modalities—Susan’s diet, while sometimes loose and easy, generally focuses on local, high mineral, and live and fermented foods.

Years ago she began to run raw and live food cleanses and then in 2009, realizing the benefits of colon cleansing by itself and also to enhance other forms of cleansing, she added colon-hydrotherapy to her toolbox to help people heal and stay healthy.