Nicole Emery — L.M.T., C.B.H.S.P.

Energy Healing & Certified Brennan Healing Science Practitioner


About Nicole Emery — L.M.T., C.B.H.S.P.

Nicole’s passion for health and healing became alive during her father’s journey with cancer. As a teenager her life began to take an intriguing path that eventually lead her to Prescott College to study Integral Psychology with an emphasis in Holistic Health.  Years later she returned to school to study Energy Healing at The Barbara Brennan School of Healing, an intensive four-year program dedicated to hands-on healing and personal transformation.Through her training she has learned extensively about the human energy field and the chakra system.

Nicole feels fortunate to have discovered work that fulfills her and gives her clients an opportunity to create loving relationships with life. She sees health and healing as an individual process where each session we enter into the unknown together in a safe environment. Nicole assists when needed, as well as allowing space for the body and energy field to communicate the needs and longings of the individual.

Nicole is happy to have returned back to her hometown of Camden and recently has bought a house with her husband. She finds the community and landscape to be treasures here in Midcoast Maine.

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