Michele DiGirolamo — L.M.T., Reiki Master, C.Y.T.

Massage Therapy, Yoga, Reiki


About Michele DiGirolamo — L.M.T., Reiki Master, C.Y.T.

Michele DiGirolamo is a versatile licensed massage therapist, Reiki Master and Kripalu Yoga Instructor practicing the healing arts since 1989. Michele was published in Allure magazine for “Best Aromatherapy Massage in Boston” while working at a Phytobiodermie Day Spa on Newbury Street. Michele brought Phyto’s holistic spa treatments to Maine with the vitalizing and detoxifying benefits of algae, essential oils and lymphatic drainage. These treatments leave you feeling clean from the inside out, balanced and recharged. They can be used as a seasonal wellness booster or imagine allowing yourself to be deeply nurtured by a three or four-hour package!

Michele’s massage is very healing, deeply influenced by her years of study with La’ne’ Sa’a’n Moonwalker, a Native American Master Teacher and Healer. Michele uses her deep listening skills and sensitive hands to provide a nurturing and effective massage, blending modalities to a just-right fit for her client’s needs.

Reiki is a beautiful form of hands on healing widely used by today’s healthcare practitioners. Kripalu yoga is a breath-focused, meditative, slow flow form which can be taught privately or in groups. Both Reiki and Yoga are brought forth in a space of compassion and loving kindness.

Michele delights in combining modalities to create a unique and meaningful experience.

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