About Kelly Callahan — C.C.H.

Kelly Callahan discovered homeopathy with motherhood… or more precisely, when she witnessed firsthand the effects of a curative remedy on her son moments after birth. There was no turning back, and she went on to study alongside Nancy Frederick, R.S. Hom. (NA) CCH, Director and Founder of the Baylight Center for Homeopathy in Portland, Maine, and Jeremy Sherr, founder of the Dynamis School of Advanced Homeopathic Studies in Gloucestershire, UK. The practice and study of homeopathy combines her deep love of teaching and working with families with a lifelong passion for nature, as remedies are made from every corner of the natural world.

Kelly is also certified to offer a homeoprophylaxis program through Free and Healthy Children International, an alternative to traditional vaccine protocols.

When not poring over materia medica books or reading cases, Kelly lives in Appleton with her husband and two children.

“When I began to study homeopathy, it was like the drawstring that pulled together all of the disparate parts of my life… seemingly unconnected passions and experiences became relevant and interwoven.”