About Katy Morrison – N.D., L.Ac.

Dr. Katy decided to become a doctor because she simply wants to help people feel better. She believes strongly in preventive medicine. She’ll listen carefully to your story and craft an individualized treatment plan based on your health needs. She’ll do her best to relieve symptoms quickly while also addressing any deeper imbalances to prevent further disease. Her goal is to help you find lasting relief from symptoms. Treatments will often consist of a combination of 5 element acupuncture, herbal medicine (Chinese and western herbs), homeopathic remedies, lifestyle and nutritional support, and more.

During college, Dr. Katy learned about natural medicine through her study of ethnobotany – how people use plants for medicine all over the world. She was fascinated by the idea that many treatments for common ailments were derived from natural substances. After some time working in the field of conservation biology in several capacities, she realized that she was more interested in working directly with people. At that point, she decided to pursue a career in natural medicine.

She received her bachelor’s degree in Conservation Biology from St. Lawrence University, and her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine from National University of Natural Medicine (formerly NCNM). She is also the cofounder of an educational website called Everyone’s Medicine (www.everyonesmedicine.com), where doctors and patients alike can find simple and useful resources about natural medicine.

Dr. Katy grew up in Maine, and is a case study in how people can change for the better throughout their lives. Dubbed a serious child, she once said with a straight face: “I just don’t like to sweat,” as she excused herself from an aerobics class at summer camp. Now, she gets great joy from sweating on a regular basis, whether it’s running, hiking, biking. She also loves reading, learning, being outdoors, making lists, and creating things.