4/2/20 UPDATED

 Dr. Deb and Dr. Barb are here for you should you need any support during this very challenging time.  We are doing teleconferences and our pharmacy is open for email/pick up orders.


Please check our Facebook page for updates as we may reduce our clinic and pharmacy hours soon or have other updates.


Clinic Hours:

While our reception staff is available M-F from 9:00 – 5:00, please be patient as they are managing an enormous number of calls.  Please leave a voicemail and email them if you like at [email protected].  If your concern is related to billing, please email Julie at [email protected] and for Ashley in the lab at [email protected]

Ampcoil and Sauna:

For the time being, the sauna and individual Ampcoil sessions are on hold.  We are renting the Ampcoil to those with pre-paid session packages.  If you want to be added to a waitlist for renting the Ampcoil, please email [email protected] and put “Ampcoil” in the subject line.


Our phlebotomy lab is closed in order to maintain social distancing. We are working with patients individually regarding re-scheduling blood draws, opting for “take home” tests when available and appropriate, or providing for home draws if urgent through an outside phlebotomy service. On a case-by-case basis, we may be available to provide for blood draws on-site.

COVID-19 Testing:

We are not currently offering testing for COVID-19 as test kits are not plentiful and priority is to hospitals and healthcare providers. We can, however, refer patients for COVID-19 testing at PenBay Hospital providing they meet the mandated requirements. We are actively pursuing testing to determine if someone has been exposed and/or recovered from COVID-19 – these are antibody tests such as those being used in other countries for widespread screening. Some of these test kits require only a finger-stick and can be reported in 15 minutes. As kits for quick resulting finger-stick COVID-19 become available, we will consider offering this service to our existing patients.

Office Visits:

Dr. Barb and Dr. Deb are using telemedicine or phone visits only until further notice.

If you have a visit scheduled, you will receive a phone call from the front desk staff to get your telemedicine (through our secure CharmEHR portal using Zoom) or phone contact information.

If we currently bill your insurance, we will continue to bill your insurance if they allow telemedicine.  If you have Maine Community Health Options, only telemedicine is covered.  If you cannot do so, you will be charged for your phone visit.

If you do not have MCHO, you need to contact your insurance provider and inquire about your individual policy’s telemedicine allowance.  Do they cover phone calls? Do they cover the same for in and out-of-network providers?  If you are a new patient, do they cover New Patient telemedicine visits or only follow-ups.

For New and Existing Patients, if you have not yet been seen in 2020, please email your insurance coverage information to [email protected] so we can update your files. You will also be required to sign yearly documents prior to your visit – this can be done electronically.

We just received word from a patient with Anthem BCBS Teacher Policy that she was told that all copays and deductibles will be waived for 90 days for in and out-of-network providers.  This is only true if you do NOT have HMO type of insurance.  Anthem HMO (such as many MaineHealth employees and Obama-care types) only have in-network coverage.  Dr. Barb will bill your insurance for you if you are a teacher in the public schools with such a policy or if you have received the same information regarding your policy coverage.  Dr. Deb’s patients will be given an itemized receipt to send in to request reimbursement.

If we do not normally bill your insurance, or if you are a new patient without naturopathic coverage, you will be expected to pay on the day of your visit.

Camden Natural Pharmacy:

Please Do not come to the building if you have a cough or fever or are under the weather.  We will work with you to bring your supplements to your vehicle.

We may not have the same exact product(s) that you are used to due to shortages. In that case, your doctor will choose an appropriate alternative.

Only one bottle of each immune-related product will be sold to each individual patient so there is enough for everyone – this will allow a depleted supply line to replenish.

To order supplements:

Email: [email protected] and put “supplement order” in the subject line

Include the following in your email:

  • Your full name as it appears on the credit card you will use to pay
  • Your physical street address with zip code included
  • Your preferred phone number we will call for payment
  • The product name, company name, number of pills in bottle
  • If you are unsure of the products needed, our staff may be able to look up prior orders for exact names of products – if that is needed, email that you’d like to receive a phone call for help with products.

Wait in your car, text us at [email protected] upon arrival and we will come out and leave it on your car to maintain CDC requested social distance.

If you do not have the ability to text, call us at 230-1131 upon arrival.  If it goes to voicemail and you are well, come in and get your bag off the foyer bench.  If you are not well, or have come in contact with Coronavirus, please keep calling.


Thank you for doing your part at reducing the risk of spreading the novel coronavirus by washing hands often, staying home as much as possible, and maintaining 6 feet between you and others.

We hope that you will consider taking this time to enjoy nature, quietude and the comfort of family.