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The Joy of Letting Go

Have you been swept up by the magic cleaning and tiding craze lately? My sister inspired me and I started with my clothes. Now I am in the process of finding homes for some books (let me know if you…

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Introducing Wellness Wednesdays

Some of the Camden Whole Health practitioners are now offering special deals and special events on Wednesdays. Just a couple offerings are listed below, but please keep your eyes out for future newsletters where we will announce more offerings. Donation-Based…

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In-House Lab Changes

The naturopathic clinic lab services at Camden Whole Health, previously run and owned by Mercy Diagnostics, was sold to another company, MedLab in mid-April. MedLab alerted us on April 15th they would not maintain Mercy’s services in Maine, New Hampshire,…

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Maine Spring

Waiting is difficult at this time of year. We watch the snow and ice linger. We’re cold. The days have grown longer, thank God(!), but the conditions outside prevent many of the activities we associate with spring. Ice has glazed…

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