Phenomenal Touch™ Massage

Imagine bodywork that lets you float on the table; long flowing, three-dimensional moves and full body stretches, undulating your body like seaweed in the waves, deeply and powerfully addressing muscle tension, yet gently nurturing the heart. This work feels like a dance between practitioner and receiver. It invites you to experience your body in a whole new way, gaining a deeper connection to yourself. Phenomenal Touch™ Massage will leave you deeply moved in body, mind, spirit, and heart.

Phenomenal Touch™ Massage has no set routine. Each session is based on deeply listening during the intake to where you are at the moment and what you need. It can offer healing on many different levels. Whether you are looking for relaxation from your stressful life, recovery from an injury, or a regularly scheduled maintenance program, you will find Phenomenal Touch™ truly exciting.