Nutritional Medicine

Have you ever heard the saying: “You are what you eat?” Naturopathic doctors embody this philosophy in their approach to treatment of disease. In today’s world, with all the conflicting information and advice on dietary approaches, it can be difficult to determine which approach is best for the individual. Naturopathic doctors receive extensive training on the physiology and biochemistry of nutrition and how dietary adjustments it may best be used as a treatment tool for a variety of health concerns.

Supplements containing herbs, vitamins and/or minerals may be used to correct underlying nutritional imbalances and to promote optimal health and functioning. Supplements may also be used as an alternative to or in addition to pharmaceutical medicines for some health conditions. Supplements may also be used to ensure optimal nutrition levels. Naturopathic doctors are trained to prescribe safe, pure and effective supplements from reputable sources and to help you determine which supplements are right for you.