Ledum: Lyme prevention in your Pocket

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month. I’d like to add a recommendation that is missing from most mainstream Lyme and tick awareness literature.

The homeopathic remedy Ledum palustre is the next best thing to prevention besides doing your daily tick check.

Ledum – known herbally as wild rosemary, or Labrador tea- is indicated for insect bites and stings, puncture wounds, and joint swelling and pain. Ledum is especially warranted for tick bites because of the bite/puncture aspect, as well as the fact that Lyme disease manifests in the joints and musculoskeletal system.

I use ledum both as a first action after a tick bite, but also for the symptoms of Lyme, when they agree with the remedy indications (there are many, many remedies for joint pain and Lyme symptoms, and must be prescribed on an individual basis.)

I live rurally and we are frequently walking through woods and field. Everyone in my family has experienced tick bites, we’ve all taken ledum and have never experienced any subsequent symptoms. My dog did contract Lyme, and I treated her exclusively with ledum and the Lyme nosode borrelia burgdorferi . (A nosode is a preparation of a pathogen, homeopathically). We never did antibiotics, and she continues to be asymptomatic. I offer this example as an illustration- every person who contracts Lyme will have their own individual expression of the disease and must be treated accordingly.

You can pick up a tube of ledum palustre at any health or natural food store that sells remedies. Most are in the 30c potency, and that is fine. Homeopathic treatment is most effective when given in response to symptoms. When I say that it can be used preventatively, I mean taking a dose in response to a bite- not before the bite happens.

General dosing instructions:

If the tick has only just latched on and has not been engorged, take two doses (2-4 pellets) with an hour. Do not repeat.

If the tick has engorged, take two doses a day, for three days. The initial dose can be as above (the first two doses within an hour), and for the second and third day, you can take during the day- for example in the morning and again in the evening.

In both cases, after the dosing regimen, just wait and observe. If any secondary symptoms develop- rash, fever, joint pain, etc… you can follow up with more specific homeopathic treatment or with your primary care provider.


Lyme disease can be a progressive disease that eludes many treatment approaches. Using ledum brings not only a sense of ‘doing something’ about a perceived threat, but because homeopathy is an energy modality, it strengthens your body’s own resistance and vitality in a gentle, natural way.

We live in a beautiful place with so much open, wild space to explore. Let’s embrace it with confidence, not fear.

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