ABCs of Yoga Workshop

May 23, 2019 5:30 pm

The practice of yoga has numerous benefits-physical, mental, and spiritual health can all benefit from starting a yoga practice. We are happy to announce this upcoming yoga workshop.

This workshop is for you if:

  • Your physician or physical therapist recommended yoga but you don’t know where to start.
  • You’ve always wondered what yoga was about
  • Have heard yoga might be good for you not sure you can do all those tricky poses (hint-you won’t have to)

You are invited to join us as we spend time in a safe, relaxed and interactive environment talking about yoga terms, the physical, mental and emotional benefits, breaking down the beginner-friendly poses and breathwork. Questions are encouraged. Options will be offered and explored because we make the pose fit the body, not the body to the pose.

We’ll share a practice consisting of a warm-up, a work phase focused on strength, endurance, flexibility (range of motion) and balance, and a cool-down phase on the floor holding poses longer and finishing with a final relaxation (Savasana), and a short introductory meditation.

*A-Alignment. We’ll talk through, demonstrate, and practice seven principles of alignment to provide maximum benefit while minimizing potential for injury.

*B-Breathing. If you are breathing, you can do yoga! We’ll look at the connection to breath during asanas (poses), and how deepening and being more conscious of the breath can benefit us physically, as well as a stress reduction tool.

*C-Strengthening our Core and our Community! The goal of this two-hour workshop is to introduce yoga, answer questions, and practice together, and to develop knowledge and confidence to continue yoga practice in a safe and fulfilling way.

Bring your own mat if possible (we’ll have a few to borrow); dress comfortably, water bottle recommended. $20 workshop fee.

Instructor-Lora Laffan, a registered nurse, certified personal trainer, and 200 hr trained Yoga teacher who has been practicing yoga for over twenty years.

Sign up in advance by emailing [email protected]