How to Use Bentonite Clay Internally

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By Susan Hamill

There are not many substances better able to promote internal cleansing than bentonite clay. However, there are some caveats.

Lately in my colon-hydrotherapy business I have seen the result of using bentonite improperly, leading to dryness and blockage in the colon, in direct opposition to the expected results.  This comes from the American idea that More is Better.

Clay therapies have been used for known hundreds and perhaps thousands of years by indigenous peoples for internal and external cleansing and healing. Bentonite clays
(there are three basic chemical varieties) are some of the best clays to use for healing purposes and have been mined and treated for these purposes in the west for many decades. At this time I will only address using bentonite internally.

Unfired clay is a vital reactive substance and has been called “living earth” because of it’s electromagnetic charge. The clay results from the long weathering and aging of volcanic ash and retains the electromagnetic charge formed when the ash was created from thermal-dynamic heat and volcanic action. It form as little platelets which have a positive charge along their edges and a stronger negative charge across their large flat surfaces. It is this stronger negative charge that draws so many forms of toxic material to it, grabbing and holding it until it passes from the body through the digestive tract.

Clay is extremely absorbent so it draws toxic substances and swells to many times its size in water.  Various toxins drawn by clay are pathogenic viruses, herbicides, heavy metals, pesticides, radio active substances, and parasites. Needless to say, this is a good thing. So if a little clay is good for these things, more must be better, right? Take care, my cleansing friends.

I first learned about clay as a healing tool in the early seventies from (the French naturopath) Michel Abehsera’s book, “Our Earth, Our Cure”, and it was from this book that I first understood some of how clay works.  It works as a magnet, not as a mack truck. What I mean is that it works delicately and more is definitely NOT better. One friend who came to see me had been following the directives of an otherwise great cleanse, but which recommended that one build up to 4 tablespoons a day. Michel Abehsera recommended 1 teaspoon in a glass of water, and then only drinking the clay water until one had built up a tolerance for it, and then slowly adding the clay itself.

Here is what happens, or doesn’t happen. Clay is earth. It’s heavy. It’s dense. If it bumps up against some impaction on the colon wall, it won’t necessarily push it through. Part of it will adhere, adding to the compaction. A small amount will not be a problem, but four tablespoons magnified to ?????. This can create new or added constipation which will be exacerbated for anyone who isn’t drinking a LOT of water during a period of clay cleansing. Some of the commercial uses of bentonite are in cement, adhesives, kitty litter, pond sealers, preserving mummies (true story), etc.  Get it?  It dries and binds.

Think of clay as a catalyst rather than an active agent. There is nothing particularly unusual in its metallic components.  Rather than thinking only of clay’s absorptive qualities, think of its magnetic qualities.  You don’t need a lot of it to do the job especially if you have prepared it properly.

CLAY NEEDS TO BE SOAKED IN WATER – remember, 1 teaspoon in a full glass – for a minimum of thirty minutes, but several hours is preferable.The water activates its electromagnetic charge. Be sure to remove the metallic spoon used to stir from the water. Preparing the glassful before bed is a good habit. The longer the clay sits in the water the more it imparts its electromagnetic charge into the water, making the water into medicine. The whole glass gets charged, so you don’t need very much of the physicality of the clay itself to draw toxins. This is true not only regarding the detoxifying action of clay but even more so for its catalytic actions. Catalytic action simply refers to those actions in the body that are stimulated by the presence of clay rather than by its direct contact, such as the ability to restore organ function, stimulate red blood cells, regulate radioactivity in the body. These catalytic functions I have no direct understanding of, but refer to information cleaned from reading in order to give my readers a little deeper sense of the range of the internal healing influences of clay.

It’s recommended to avoid combining clay therapy with either pharmaceutical or homeopathic medicines. The action of clay is inhibited by medicines. Wait until you are not on any medicine regime before trying clay cleansing.

Clay water should be ingested on an empty stomach if possible, either early in the morning or before bed. If taken a little before meals it can decrease stomach pains that occur after eating. And even though you are taking it in solution, still be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. For people with a tendency toward constipation, it is better to take your clay in the evening. A daily regime can be as long as three weeks; then take a break of at least a week. Clay cleansing is totally compatible with nutritive cleansing, but if combining it with complete fasting -water or juices only – add psyllium seed for fiber.*

One last thing. Clay is best stored in darkness, however, exposing it to sun’s energy (and air and rain) before using it will make it more active.

* psyllium seed can also be overdone with similar results.

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